San Diego Meshnet

A community-owned, censorship-resistant network serving San Diego County


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The recent controversy over "net neutrality" is a lose-lose situation for the internet. Governments are notorious for overstepping their boundaries, censoring content that they don't approve of, and monitoring the communications of its private citizens. Internet service providers are notorious for limiting access to content they don't like, such as third party video streaming services. It's time to put the internet back in the hands of those who use it: us!

For the past few years, groups of people all over the world have been coming together in their communities, pooling their wireless routers, and creating decentralized mesh networks for their communities to use. These networks use protocols that have been designed from the ground up for security. This means that nobody can monitor the communications of anybody else on the network. These networks have no heirarchical authority structure, which means that they are resistant to censorship. Decisions are made democratically, so everybody has a say on matters relating to the network.

The core of many new meshnets is a piece of software called cjdns. Cjdns is being written by a community of contributors for the purpose of building decentralized and secure meshnets. The code is open source, so anyone can contribute to it and see how it works. Cjdns works with everything from the router in your home to industrial grade wireless radios, runs on all major operating systems, and provides near zero-configuration IPv6 networking.

The San Diego Meshnet is a group of people interested in pioneering a meshnet using cjdns and community owned hardware in San Diego County. Anyone can join the initiative, and all are invited to attend the regular meetings. Meshnets take time to develop, so the time frame we're looking at is years, not weeks.


At the moment, we are not an organized group. The primary goal right now is to recruit like-minded people, establish regular meetings, and begin research regarding the construction of meshnets in potential communities. Cjdns is still alpha software, but it is stable enough at this point for deployment. It would be great if our community could also pitch in with the development of cjdns and decentralized services designed to run over cjdns.

Those who have experience and would like to help run the project will be welcomed warmly. At the moment, I do not have enough time to manage the project should it become very large and involved too quickly. Right now, I'm looking to test the waters and see if a meshnet group is viable. Until we get official meetings organized, I'd love to meet with interested parties on Saturdays to begin formulating plans.


Regional Mesh Networking Whitepaper: HyperMesh on Github

Slack Group

Mailing List (not very active)

You can reach San Diego Meshnet's leadership by emailing mcl0v1n at protonmail dot com

Read more about meshnets: Hyperboria || Mesh Docs

Read more about cjdns: GitHub || Whitepaper || Wikipedia